Bikestardo bike rental

Looking for a bike adventure?

We arrange guided tours for all level riders on and off road.
We can also arrange professional bike camps for companies, clubs and unions. 

Guided tours

Bikestardo arranges guided tours for both road bikes and mountain bikes. There are a lot of beautiful areas for road cycling and mountain biking here on the Costa del Sol.
We have extensive knowledge on the area and we offer tours to suit all levels from beginners to intermediate to professionel riders.
We are flexible in our scheduling and can provide a guided tour tailored after your specific needs. 

Bike camps

We can also arrange professional bike camps for companies, clubs and unions. Camps can include everything you need from bikes and equipment to accommodation and food, entertainment and coaching.
We have several business partners here on Costa del Sol, enabling us to create the perfect camp tailored just for you.
For more info, please contact us using the contact form below. 
We are happy to answer all your queries and set you up with a rental package that suits your needs.